YouTube Influencer Marketing: Promotion Types

The Influencer Marketing industry is now worth over $8 Billion and is predicted to double by 2022. With more than more than 75 percent of brands using influencer marketing, this form of social media advertising shows of immense growth. Instagram is currently the top platform Brands use for influencer marketing due to its simplicity and speed on the photo sharing app. However, when it comes to video and specifically YouTube, marketers often wonder what type of campaigns will be effective for achieving marketing goals. There are three primary types of influencer marketing promotions on YouTube and we’re going to break them down for in this post. Whether your goal is to introduce a new product or brand, increase brand awareness, or drive sales, knowing how to leverage these campaigns can set you up for campaign success.

Dedicated Videos

Dedicated promotions, like product reviews, are entirely focused on describing the details of a brand and its products. Emerging brands use dedicated videos to establish themselves by selecting influencers to educate targeted audiences about their brand. These videos offer less natural content from the influencer, which may decrease organic views, but provide more insight into the brand and its products. Viewers are typically highly interested in the products or services reviewed and are drawn to affiliate discount links provided in the video description, leading to higher conversion rates. Because videos longer than three minutes take more creativity and effort to make, dedicated videos are much more expensive than other YouTube promotions, but are essential for introducing a new brand to the market.

Integrated Videos

With less than three minutes of promotion, integrated videos include the natural content that dedicated promotions lack, and therefore attract a larger portion of the user’s audience. Integrations provide a brief introduction to the packaging and product as well as an affiliate link. Not all the details of the brand or product are disclosed, piquing the viewer’s curiosity and leading to higher views and click through rates. Unlike dedicated videos, this type of promotion minimizes friction with the influencer’s organic audience. After all, viewers aren’t coming to YouTube to watch advertisements. Integrated promotions are best for brands that would like to expand brand awareness to audiences beyond their target demographic, and to increase sales within their core audience.


Finally, the least expensive and simplest form of promotion that brands should utilize are shoutouts. Typically thirty seconds or less, shoutouts usually include several talking points while showcasing the product and provide authentic influencer content. A promotional link may or may not be mentioned in the video. Despite having the lowest conversion rates, shoutouts attract many views and solidify established brands in the minds of the audience. They are an effective way to drive sales or introduce a new product because viewers are already familiar with the brand.

Strategic influencer marketing campaigns will utilize all three of these types of content in order to maximize the benefits that can be gained from influencer marketing. The saviest brands will take these learnings and understand what type of promotion works best for them. We implore you to test out all segways of these type of videos, because as with any digital advertising campaigns, success can only be achieved by experimenting, adapting and iterating. In our next article, we will explain the mystery of how to price YouTube Influencers despite the lack of uniformed content and pricing standardization.